Inspirational designer: PAOLO ULIAN

You won’t be able to find an artist (at least of the youngest generation) more closely related to marble than Paolo Ulian. How can you not love deeply the material when you have grown up in the Carrara area, the source of Italian marble? Having studied painting in Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara and industrial design in Florence, he has obtained many interesting collaborations and important awards.

The main reason that we love and admire the work of Ulian is his recycling approach towards marble. He designs with waste, scraps of marble, having in mind the re-usage of the material. Even though in the beginning this was an ethical stance, it gradually developed into a very definite aesthetic approach with amazing results.

So it is not possible for us not to introduce Paolo Ulian’s work to you! If you are not very familiar with marble and you are in the progress of familiarizing with the material, Ulian is an artist that you will have to look into. If though you are a conoisseur of the material, Ulian is an artist that you will have to know!

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