Let’s forget the past for a second. Marble may be linked to ancient times but it never ages or becomes old-fashioned. Marble is always newer than “what’s new”; the epitome of style, refinement and dominance.

At Marmero we source our passion for timelessness from our two-generations experience working with marble only to focus on our vision for on-going originality and innovation. After three decades of supplying fine marble and natural stones to the Greek and more recently to the British market, we are now confidently introducing our London clients to our ‘brave new world’ of cutting-edge design and stunning deco ideas never before considered.

Our dream is to re-launch marble with a twist and establish it as the self-evident choice for all high-end contemporary projects, commercial or residential, combining luxury with affordability and refinement with edge.

Our bespoke approach is 50% serious and 50% playful, exactly like life itself, so that we cover all requirements no matter how avant-garde. Our fine marble and other natural stones originate mainly from Italy and Greece.

 ‘Marmero’ comes from the ancient Greek verb ‘μαρμαίρω’ that means ‘to reflect light’.

Marble actually both reflects and captivates light. No wonder statues are made of marble; exactly like with skin, marble’s translucent opacity allows the eye to ‘dive’ beyond its surface.


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