Keep it fresh. Forever is now, when a natural stone is involved. You had a vision that matched your lifestyle. Marmero brought it effortlessly to life. Now it’s your turn again.

Know your stones beforehand (we can help you with that, feel free to ask) so that you know how to schedule cleaning or other specific procedures and inspections required on a daily, weekly or other regular basis so that your stones maintain their proper condition for as long as forever. After all it is an investment.


It’s advised to use coasters under all sorts of glasses, especially when serving alcohol or citrus drinks.

Avoid placing hot pots from the stove or the oven directly on the stone surface. It is advised that you use placemats under any hot dishes or under items of porcelain, ceramics, silver or other materials that can scratch the surface.

To avoid staining, etching or dulling the stone surface beware of food or liquid spills and blot them up immediately because most marble is porous and ‘thirsty’.


Sweeping or dusting and mopping on a regular basis will prevent dirt and other debris from scratching or otherwise harming your marble floors.

Don’t forget to take care of any spills the moment they occur to avoid staining.

Your cleaning solution of choice must have a neutral pH. No acidic cleaners are allowed (vinegar is a no-no).

A highly diluted mixture of dish soap and water is ideal (half a cup per bucket).

Directly after mopping, it is recommended to dry the floor with a soft cloth or towel.

What not to do:

In general, when taking care of marble, limestone, travertine and onyx, avoid using vinegar, lemon juice, or acidic and abrasive dry or soft cleaners and cleansers.

Mixing bleach with ammonia is a common big mistake thus this combination creates a toxic lethal gas.

Don’t ever mix any chemicals together unless specifically instructed.

Also check your vacuum for any worn metal or plastic parts that may scratch your surfaces.


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