The Marble Objects of Lee Broom

“Designing has always been such a strong passion of mine, so to be able to do this for a living makes me feel very lucky”. Lee Broom

Being considered one of UK’s leading product & interior designers, Lee Broom only in his 30’s, has achieved an incredible rise. His impressive resume is full of awards and significant distinctions. He won the Elle Decoration British Design Awards- Designer of the Year in 2011, launched his first solo exhibition in Milan during the Salone del Mobile in 2012 and in 2015 he received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade for business success. The designer’s amazing journey began in fashion, an influence that is traceable in all of his work.

With a career mapped out in the fashion industry, Lee Broom gracefully moved into product design and then even in interior design. As he says: “Designing has always been such a strong passion of mine, so to be able to do this for a living makes me feel very lucky”.Having started in the fashion field, it is very easy to understand the ability of Lee Broom to create fashion, follow its trends and being innovative in what he designs. A perfect example of this distinguishing talent of his, are his marble objects.Comprehending deeply the enchanting nature of marble, he aims to bring together opposing materials. He combines marble with brushed brass, crystal and clear glass and plays with illusion, balance and the well hidden qualities of materials.

In London Design Festival in 2015, he presented the Podium. The collection consists of vases which play with the sculptural quality of balance. A solid Carrara marble or Nero Marquina marble base may hold any of the three glass vessel shapes, allowing the components of the collection to be selected in any combination desired.

In 2014, he presented a unique collection, named On The Rocks, of 30 wine glasses and 30 champagne glasses, which were launched during a dinner party at Spazio Pontaccio, in Milan's Brera district. The elegant items feature crystal bowls perched on top of Carrara marble bases. The surfaces of both materials are curved where they meet, so the glass looks like it could topple off.

For us though, the real revelation of his work with marble, are his lighting pieces.

The Tube Light, from the designer's Nouveau Rebel collection is an absolute example of perfect craftsmanship and absolute design. The tube is milled from one piece of Carrara marble to 6mm thickness and is filled with a LED strip that when illuminated through the white marble, gives off a warm glow. In requires profound knowledge of the material’s properties to design and create such an elegant product, and in the end is what makes a designer and a brand exceptionally unique.

A sample of Lee Broom’s perception of the materials is also the Chamber collection. A sculptural Carrara marble diffuser is encircled by a crystal vessel, expressing the unexpected translucent qualities of marble in a compelling decorative pendant.

His majestic table lamp, the Globe, consists of Carrara marble solid half sphere which is topped with a 40cm diameter crystal dome. By a LED bulb set inside the base the lamp shined through the thin marble top.

Being absolutely amazed with his Department Store exhibition in 2015 and having already won a Wallpaper* Design Award in the category of ‘Best Divine Inspiration’ in 2016 , we can’t wait to see what Lee Broom has to present in the future.

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